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The story of sloko's founding team: birth, growth and prospect

Auxiliaries are used in coatings, such as chips in electrical appliances. The study of auxiliaries can be called the magic of chemistry, with the magic of turning decay into magic, but it is a great test of researchers'cross-border knowledge system and ability, but also requires the sustained investment of funds and time. Its technical threshold and time threshold are enough to make the general people fearless. Without the ideals and perseverance of chemistry, without Van Gogh's feelings and spirit, it is impossible to persist until the day when the results are achieved.

Therefore, thousands of chemical products, but few brands of additives.

In fact, the earliest auxiliaries have been around for centuries and have been monopolized by a few international chemical giants. In the 90s of the last century, these companies entered the Chinese market one after another. At that time, most Chinese paint engineers did not know how to test and select auxiliaries. Because of trust in foreign brands, many engineers even add a little bit to the recipe without testing it, imagining it works. As a result, many of the outdated products that have been developed for decades and hundreds of years have become popular in the Chinese market, and domestic auxiliary companies are more satisfied with agency and trade, can not master the relevant technology. From this point of view, the technological benefits of the development of auxiliaries are unparalleled. And its deplorable situation is deeply hurt by the chemistry people who have ideals and pursuits in China.

In the 21st century, a small number of start-up companies with engineers as their main assistants finally appeared in China. Sloco is one of the best. With Sun Chan as the core, a group of experienced engineers with solid technology, with the dream of creating a brand of auxiliaries belonging to the Chinese people, form the Sloco start-up team.
With a keen market insight and unique R&D philosophy, the team has selected organosilicon materials and additives with excellent properties as the core of R&D. In 2005, the first support agent product was successfully developed: anti-sticking silicone oil for wood-lined paper cover varnish, which entered the market of wood-lined paper coatings and inks. Then, with the high speed and passion of several breakthrough products a year, it has occupied the mainstream supplier position in many subdivisions.

2005-2015 is the golden decade of China's coatings industry, the development of domestic additives also catch up with the times, more and more products to achieve localization. The rise of domestic auxiliaries brings practical benefits to domestic coatings enterprises, not only reduces costs, but also brings more efficient services. In this historic process, the Sloco people have developed dozens of patented and core technology auxiliaries in succession, in the domestic auxiliaries to break foreign monopoly, help enterprises to reduce costs and enhance efficiency, and promote the training of auxiliaries market, etc. to make due contributions. A generation of outstanding chemists has successfully turned China into a leader in cost, scale, and even technology and quality in most adjuvant products.

Sloco began to explore the application of silicone in more fields after winning brand reputation and market position in the field of coatings with excellent products and services.

Organosilicon is a semi-inorganic, semi-organic structure of polymer compounds, showing a helical structure in space, which determines that it has many excellent properties: lubricity, hydrophobicity, physiological inertia, anti-ultraviolet radiation and compatibility, and provides the possibility to improve the performance of cosmetics. At the same time, silicone is mostly colorless and odorless transparent liquid, is one of the lowest toxic cosmetics products, itself no irritation, no allergy, no tingling, skin reaction to the human body is neutral, is an excellent material for making modern cosmetics. With the increasing demand for cosmetics, silicone has become indispensable in the field of cosmetic production.

Based on a thorough understanding of the silicone structure and a precise grasp of the market pulse, Sloco's R&D team first targeted the cosmetics and personal care industry. In 2010, sloko entered the personal care product industry with silicone elastomers as its leading products. Today, Sloco silicone has been widely used in cosmetics and personal care products, dozens of main products. In 2017, Slovo matured and developed into an independent sloe silicone company. In 2018, Sloco organosilicon based on cross-border research and development thinking of structure, launched a series of natural oil modified organosilicon products, gained wide attention and high evaluation at major global exhibitions, so that the world can feel the strength of Chinese chemicals.

In 2013, slok developed a new product, silicone wear-resistant powder, and entered the field of rubber and plastic manufacturing. Until 2017, a new silicon carbide material was produced by sloko, another subsidiary company.

For more than a decade, Sloco has been supplying silicone products of great market value to more market areas. This creativity stems from the cross-border product thinking of R&D teams. Sloco products based on iterative and subversive thinking for structural design, silicon reactive monomer as the core, using reactive functional groups and carbon-based materials cross-structural links to create new species and create new value. This subversive thinking and the concept of "structural crossover" have become the core competitiveness of Slovo.
In 2018, Sloco transplanted this R&D thinking into the business field and pioneered a new business model in the chemical industry: product manager model based on silicon carbon rat e-commerce platform, Sloco brand strength and a large customer base. Every good chemist can be a product manager. In an open and transparent system, developing products according to platform standards and concepts can benefit greatly from the gross profit of product sales. In this mode, the quality of products and the realization of the value of chemical people can be guaranteed most.
This time, Sloco will gather more chemists to push China's chemical industry towards a new era of development!
The wind rises and clouds surge and the heart does not change. Sloko is still on the way.